Innovation and Progress

Rizzardini srl has 40 years of experience in the tool industry.

To respond to market developments and the needs of our customers, we have developed a customised software system that allows us to plan and manage all our product requirements, following a certified quality system. This method allows us to have a clear, complete view of the workload and to better organise all stages of the process.

Putting people at the centre to grow the company

Rizzardini has a workforce of 20 employees, 40% of whom are employed in our offices. Every member of our team is part of the real wealth of the company and contributes to its growth with their passion.

“Meet the team “

Our path has also led us to use the following organisational structure:

Trust our experience

Managers are aware of the information about orders through constant meetings and through the data available in our management programme. Our aim is always to provide a better service by using specific roles that are able to follow the different needs of the customer in a quick, highly qualified manner. The company structure remains centred on the three managers, but the path taken has generated new internal positions to manage the technologies and software that are now part of our working method.

A consolidated business in terms of history and figures


Rizzardini is founded

Rizzardini was founded in 1980 as a family business with the aim of producing compound and progressive tools for trimming and cold forming sheet metal. The company went on to specialise in the construction of trimming tools to meet a growing demand for the supply of dies for trimming and deburring light alloy die-cast parts.


Generational Transition

Rizzardini srl faced a generational transition in 2018. The goal of the new partners, having had the advantage of being able to continue with a well-structured company is the continued improvement and a focused, present service for the customer.



Today, Rizzardini has 1,500 square metres of covered space, a large fleet of machines and an in-house structure capable of satisfying Italian and export customers with a work potential of 4,500 working hours per month. The company’s production capacity is around 150 new tools per year, with trimming tools for large and small parts that are produced in die-casting using presses of up to 3000 / 3500 tons.

A further significant fact appreciated by our customers is that Rizzardini also offers maintenance and alteration services on equipment that is not manufactured directly.

The main area of use for our tools is the automotive industry, but we also produce tooling to meet the demands of the household appliances (such as household appliances and gas components), lighting, and aesthetic parts industries, and much more.

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