Services offered

Timely support and certified quality at every stage

The supply of equipment is only one stage in the services we offer our customers; we also provide support in the less visible phases, such as pre-testing and post-delivery.

In addition to equipment compliance, we believe that timely support is crucial for our customers. We strive to react to customer requests within a short timeframe and adhere to the times agreed.

Our departments are able to meet customers’ needs thanks to a range of services governed by a UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 certified quality system and by tailor-made procedures coordinated by our management programme.


Quote / Pre-Design Testing

Our commitment starts with the quote, which we believe must be reliable and sent quickly.

The MOULDED PART ANALYSIS service allows the customer to be aware of the trimming method proposed in the offer and any problems; this stage is reserved for parts containing complex geometries or trimming problems because it implies a simplified tool design.


Project / Construction Approval

Start of design with all phases planned through our management programme.

The trimming tool design is carried out with state-of-the-art CAD and CAM software.

The design is realised with attributes that allow the geometries to be processed automatically and provide tool paths to our machines in production.

The 3D design of the equipment and a presentation document are sent to the customer to receive approval for construction.



Ordering of materials and start of production with all steps planned through our management programme.

Our machinery is divided by departments in order to optimise the machine tools for the job they are intended for.

3D modelling is directly programmed using fixed attributes and cycles that guarantee the faithful reproduction of three-dimensional mathematics.

Our equipment is able to satisfy every machining requirement and consists of: ten machining centres (3-axis, 4-axis and 5-axis); three wire EDMs; two control lathes; one grinding machine; three jigsaws; three drill presses; one marking laser.


Assembly / Testing

Equipment assembly and implementation of electrical, hydraulic and pneumatic systems.

We are structured to perform the assembly of large trimming tools with sensors, side radials, double-acting movements and machining units (sawing, drilling, threading).

Internal testing with our three press machines (No. 1 30Ton, No. 1 50T and No. 1 100Ton), at this stage we perform an accurate check of the equipment and the actual trimming result.


Delivery and Sending of Documentation

Delivery of tested equipment directly to the customer.

In parallel with the equipment we ship all the final documentation: 2D design, 3D design and trimming tool data sheet (tool book containing general information on the die, trimming cycle, punch mapping, steel certificates, heat treatment certificates, component sheets, etc.).


Service and Maintenance / Modifications

Our service does not stop at the delivery of the tools but we follow the customer for every need and for the entire duration of the trimming tool.

We carry out and monitor all modifications, maintenance and spare parts with our management programme in order to assist the customer throughout the life of the equipment.