Our service is more than the design and construction of the trimming die, because it aims to give the possibility of evaluating the trimming problems during the process of studying of the casting conformation. It allows to do assessments that simplify the cycle and make more reliable the final production.

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Our commitment starts with the price quote, we believe it should be reliable and rapid to facilitate the acquisition of the work order from our client.

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Afterwards we offer the TRIMMING ANALYSIS service, that allows the client to be aware of the working final result. This phase is reserved for parts that contain a complex geometry or trimming problems that, if they are dealt on time, can be managed improving the cycle and, consequently, the final product.

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The design is made with new generation CAD and CAM software, that develop the design of the trimming die, and subsequently the programming of machine tools directly from 3D modeling with fixed cycles and workings that allow to conserve the designed geometries.

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After finishing the design and before starting with the construction, we send the 3d-model draft of the trimming die and the document “Information about method of construction” to present clearly to the client how the tool will be built and the predisposition on the previously indicated presses.

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The continuing research and the technology upgrading have led Rizzardini srl to use the latest available construction methods, that allow to guarantee on time the customer a high-quality product. The 3D-model is programmed directly by using attributes and fixed cycles, that guarantee a real reproduction of the 3D-Geometry.

The construction is made entirely within the company, with a constant control of the process; dates concerning the construction as working hours and possible non-compliances are registred in our management system, that allows us to analyze and develop procedures for a continuous improvement of the internal process.

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We are convinced that the delivery of tools on time is one of the key aspects to give a complete and reliable service, our internal organization allows us to be precise in maintaining the agreements that have been made with the customer.

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After the trimming internal testing, made with our presses, the technical office prepares all documentation about the work order, under the designation of “TECHNICAL DATA SHEET OF THE TRIMMING TOOL” and is sent to the customer at the same time of the delivery. The documentation includes certificates, technical data sheets of the components and information about the use and maintenance of the trimming tool.

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Our service doesn’t stop with the delivery of the tool, but we follow the customer for every need and for the entire duration of the trimming die.